One of the Negative Hashtags You Would Never Want to be Associated With

The online social media is a powerful tool with which now people all over the globe are now communicating. And with businesses competing to stand in front of the rest of the lot, one should be very careful while using the social media platforms to improve their business or Brand’s name. There are several hashtags like #like, #follow, #love, #instadaily, etc. that are commonly used. These are hashtags which improve the reach of your posts and promise them better engagements. Now comes the question, are there really hashtags to which your business would never want to be associated with? The answer is, there are. The #pick up your phone and #answer your phone are two such hashtags. If you want your business to flourish, then you do not want to get associated with this hashtag.hashtag

In the beginning, when these hashtags we’re used, people thought they just portrayed the dramas of dating between teenagers. But soon it was revealed that it was wrong. These hashtags we’re widely used by the people; who were one or the other brand’s or business’s to raise complaints regarding their dissatisfaction for the brand or business.

It definitely sounds a bit puzzling that people would go to such lengths. Well, this is the modern world where social media rules.In the first place, why would a business or brand not answer its customer’s calls? Is it now better that they answered their calls and sorted it out rather than creating and angry mob of customers online. If you do not know, a bad reputation is something which travels fast. And with the online social media so active, the word is going to travel like forest fire. It could even have to potential to destroy your brand or business completely.

When it comes to doing successful business, the reputation your business and your brand holds has a very high value. If its reputation suffers, it is a guarantee that the repair for the damage caused would not be an easy one. And coming back to form from such a situation is quite the impossible task. Every business or brand has the most significant aim of satisfying their customers and running successfully. But this is not an easy task to come by too. Great care should be taken to ensure that the customers are not upset and keep your business or brand away from the #answer your phone hashtag.