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Airsoft is similar to paintball game played with plastic pellets. Those BBs are made of biodegradable resins. Size of these BBs is 6mm, which is smaller than paintball BBs.  Some get confused between Airsoft guns and BB gun due to their appearance. Since these rifles are the replica of original it makes others misunderstand it be the real gun. So, it is not allowed in some countries to take it public. Taking it in public will lead others to misunderstand and police can shot you dead with the misconception. Also, the velocity is lower than real guns.

These rifles are used for Airsoft game. The game is a simulation of military actions where players make a mock fighting to train themselves with professional tactics and equipment. This game has a safety rule while playing. Some of them are

  • Always keep your eyes safe with protective equipment. Airsoft is not dangerous to life but they can take your eye out with its force.
  • Point your gun in the safer direction when your fingers are on the trigger point. If you are not in the game make sure to take your fingers off the trigger.
  • Aim only for the center of focus. Do not point to the head or any sensitive skin areas.
  • Be cautious of shooting at electrical equipment.
  • If you are out of the field, then take your magazine out of the rifle.
  • Do not shoot anyone within 10ft distance. The force may hurt opponent heavier.Airsoft Core

Airsoft rifle is considered to be a playful toy if the fps is designed with lower velocity speed. It is even available for children and teenagers with lesser fps. Even for playing, rifles imitate the original gun.  When you want to buy a gun, you need to make a study of specification necessities. Airsoft core provides the best review with pros and cons of each model. Ideal specifications to consider while buying any Airsoft are

  • Action – It is based on the type of gun that you choose. Based on three different types of gun, action works.
  • Power – This means how the force is applied to push the BBs.
  • Material – Most of the rifles are made either in metal or hard plastics.
  • FPS – Frame Per Second is the measure of force applied to push the pellet.
  • Ammo – Size of pellets used for that particular gun.
  • Range – Capacity of pellets distance passing.

Considering all these specifications, the airsoft rifle is easier to buy without disappointment. Even if you are not confident about the investigation that you did, from Airsoft core help you to get fine and worthy ideas to afford one. Surf with confident and buy a better rifle with full satisfaction.