Top Reasons Why People Play PUBG

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a very popular online battle royale concept game that has taken the world by storm. It’s a massive game that has all the things that you wanted in a shooting game. Good graphics, well-built characters, tons of customizations from clothes, guns and other accessories that will make you look good and maximize your gaming experience. Given also that its rules are fairly easy (basically you have to survive better than anybody half an hour) and since its free, almost anyone can play it in either pc or mobile.

It’s easy to get hooked with PUBG because this is what everybody is playing nowadays. It’s easy to be hooked while being in the crowd and while the game is still very popular at the moment, but for the gamers that saw beyond the hype, its a game that defines a generation. For them aside from the crowd and the hype, there are certain things that make this game stand out, its the gaming experience, the customizations and the fun of playing it with their friends.

The experience: If you played PUBG then you know that its an experience. The graphics are amazing that you can always say “wow, wow and wow!” Every time and even if you played with it for a few months, the graphics still won’t grow on you. The concept that you and other players are trapped on a deserted island full of guns and you need to kill each other to prove who is the best is something. It makes you think, it makes you flustered, it makes you anxious, excited and so on. Overall, it’s a great experience and if you’re not playing this game, boy you’re definitely missing out on some really great stuff.

The customizations: Aside from well-designed characters, the customizations are endless. Its only on a few occasions that you will come across a player that has the same look as you. You will notice these customizations from the start of the game as you try to customize your character’s look, tone, and so on. When you’re in the game you got a ton of customizations to choose from and every update provides different features like skins, vehicles, guns and so on that will make your character shine, unique and have an identity.

Play with friends: Playing PUBG is not just about appreciating the game and how it’s well made or the many customizations but also being able to play with friends thru a squad. Think about it, your solid squad versus other squads that are out there. With so many enemies, you can finally strategize how you can win as a team and that is a ton of fun. The best part is that the game has a time limit so it will always be a short game and once its done, you move on to the next after. Its a great way for long distance friends to meet and do something together.

Playing PUBG has many perks like a unique experience, a ton of customizations, and able to play with friends that are even far away. But do you know what will make it more fun? Hacks! Think about it, if you want to amp your game, get more in-game currencies, have more customizations and have this “super user” experience that will give you more chances in becoming a war fighting machine, cheats are the way to go and if you want to get PUBG cheats from credible sources, visit