Available Product Line of XMRE Meals

Product Line of XMRE Meals

The ready-to-eat XMRE Meals with the quality of military grade is not only available for the military organization but also for the private corporations, educational institutions, NGO’s and also for the increasing demand of the civilian market. Apart from its availability in the shop, market, wholesale orders, etc. it is also available on the website of XMRE Meals. To buy the products online in case of an emergency, one can visit XMRE Meals website. Being prepared in the USA, all the XMRE products for the first time got 100% certified under the Halal and Kosher product categories.

categories of XMRE meals

The various product lines available with XMRE meals are- XT series, Blue line, XMRE lite, Halal Meals and Kosher meals. Within the XT series there are several other categories i.e. 1000XT- available in single, case of 12, 1300XT- available in single, 1 month supply,3 month supply, and 6 month supply, case of 6, case of 12 and in pallet, 2200XT 24 hour- available in single and case of 6, and 3000XT 24 hour- available in single and case of 4. All the XMRE XT series of products contains high-grade calorie with military-grade quality, completely cooked and fresh ready to eat a meal. Within the Blue Line series of XMRE product, the several categories are XMRE Blue Line, XMRE Blue Line for 1 month supply, for 3 month supply, 6 month supply and in the pallet. Within the XMRE Lite series, there is one category which is available in case of 12. The other exclusive product categories are the Halal meal and the Kosher meal. You can visit XMRE Meals website to get all these categories online.

Exclusive Halal and Kosher Meals

The Halal and Kosher categories of XMRE meals are the first to be manufactured in the United States with 100% certification of Halal and Kosher that are field tested and verified. The ready to Halal and Kosher meal have an increasing demand in the civilian marketplace. They are well prepared for the disaster relief situation and other diverse critical situation where there is a scarcity of food supply. The Halal products of XMRE are 100% certified according to the Food Laws and regulations. The nutritional values of the Kosher and Halal meals are printed on the back of the pouch with specifications of calories. The Kosher category of XMRE meal is available in high-end quality standards with significant nutritional value.

Conclusive Review

While coming across the product line of XMRE meals, we could also come to know regarding the variety of categories within the product line in which the XMRE products are available. We have also gained insight into the exclusive qualities and features of the beneficiary products for the military organization as well as humanitarian. So, its right time to visit XMRE Meals online.