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While thousands of pages allow you to download their content for free most are illegal and annoying for all your ads. This puts your computer or smartphone at risk since it could infect your computer with a virus. To avoid any problem it is best to turn to trusted pages, which we present the best options. Although in some of these sites you will have to create an account or see some publicity to download a film, in most you can do it directly and without complications.


Netflix is the best option to watch movies online and in addition to enjoying free premium content for a month at that time you can also download any movie from its catalog.

Just remember that to see these downloaded movies on primewire movie  have to be or in the mobile application on a Smartphone or PC. Also, before the end of the free month, if you do not want to pay for more months on Netflix, you have to cancel the paid subscription in your account set up before 30 days.

Method to watch Netflix for free

Netflix offers the first month of its service for free. Although you must subscribe, choose a plan and register a means of payment, for the initial 30 days you will not be charged any debt. Also, after that month of trial, you can easily suspend your subscription to avoid any charge on your card, although, if you have the means, without doubt, you will stay on the platform.


Amazon prime video like other streaming platforms, HBO GO and Netflix for example, offers a completely free month to new users. This service also gives you the option to download the movies, episodes and even seasons of your favorite series.

To see them, you do not need an internet connection, only access to your virtual platform locally.

primewire movies


Mubi s a site where you can find a selection of cult movies, classics and independent films. It shows a billboard of 30 different films: every day one leaf and another enters. Although it is a contracted service, you can have a 7-day trial.

This service allows you to download movies and keep them available for up to seven days to watch them offline from your Android or iOS device. But it is important to clarify that it is not only about its catalog but about some specially selected productions.


YOUTUBE PREMIUM is a paid streaming subscription service for YouTube available in 18 countries, including Spain, the United States, and Mexico. This platform offers original films and series produced in collaboration with professional studios and YouTube personalities.

For some series, the first episode of an original YouTube Premium series is available for free. In addition, you can access a free one-month trial. You can download its content, but these videos will be available for 30 days.