How To Turn On The Windows Automatic Log In Feature

Do you own a desktop or even a laptop? Do you find trouble of logging on to the desktop computer? Now, this article will show how to configure Windows in order to automate the login process. This can be possible through keeping the password and the other pertinent details in the registry database. With this kind of feature, the other users can easily start the computer, and instantly use the account you have established. Users should determine the importance of having an automated login system on the computer. Do you find it good or not? Other users would consider this good if they want to use the computer instantly. But for those who wanted to have a secured file with no one can access the account, what should they do?

Windows Autologon
Learn the importance of an auto-login feature

Windows Autologon feature designed for convenience. But, this is a feature that may be a security danger. Once you set a computer for autologin, whoever uses the computer can physically get an access to the computer. They can gain access to all of the computer contents including the network where it is connected. In addition to that, the password is saved in the registry when the auto login is turned on. The specific registry key remotely read. With this, the type of setting is only recommended for the computers that are physically stored in a safe place. Therefore, steps must be obtained to make sure that the bad guys or whoever attempts to use the computer will not succeed.

Turn on autologin using a Registry Editor

Now is the right time to alter the registry. There are helpful steps that help you make the changes. But, you need to be careful because a serious problem might happen if you incorrectly modify the registry. Thus, you have to back up the registry for an additional protection before you modify it. If a problem occurs, you can easily restore the registry. Here is the step to follow using the registry editor in turning autologin on:

1.) Click the “Start” button, next to the “Run” button
2.) Type Regedt32.exe in the search box, and then press Enter on your keyboard
3.) Start to locate the subkey in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
4.) Double-click “DefaultUserName” entry
5.) Type your username and click OK
6.) Double-click “DefaultPassword” entry
7.) Type your password and click OK

Now, as the owner of a computer, you need to know about this. This is just basic, and a computer owner is advisable to be equipped with this useful information.

3 Factors To Refer To When Choosing Atomic Clock Programs

Atomic clocks are a trend these days because of its versatility and the functionality it has. You’ll be able to manage the clocks on the different devices that are present within the network without any problem. This can be a necessary thing for business enterprises, especially those who follow a different pattern for work. It’ll be useful to consider these options and know more about the various choices currently available. If you’re managing a business, it’ll be a good thing to invest in this as well.

Why is it necessary?

The presence of time-telling devices and pieces are often taken for granted because it’s something that many people would constantly have. Because it’s always there, many feel that it’s highly convenient. But if it doesn’t work or doesn’t tell accurate time, it can be very bothersome and frustrating. The same principle is also being followed when you’re working or managing an entire office. Having one reference for time will make everyone work together. It also prevents from taking a break or going out too early or too late. No matter where you are, if the device is connected by this, it becomes easier. 

atomic clock software

With the different software options available, how do you decide which one to go for? There are several factors you can refer to. 

Compatibility with different OS

In order for the program to be installed, you need to make sure that it’s compatible with the current system. Compatibility is essential because it helps you install the whole thing properly. On top of that, it’s also very useful in preventing any issues from the program. Incompatibility gives way to glitches and issues you don’t want to experience while working or using the program. 

The cost of the software

Some can cost quite a lot. There are several options that are licensed. And you only need to pay for this one time. But it can be very expensive. If you’re low on budget but have a huge need for it, you should consider atomic clock software paid on a yearly basis. This will give you breathing room and it won’t cost you too much as well. 

Reviews of features

One of the most essential references that you can have is the input and the comment of others who had prior experience with the said program. It’s very easy to get carried away, especially when there’s good marketing. You need to have a solid reference when deciding.



One of the Negative Hashtags You Would Never Want to be Associated With

The online social media is a powerful tool with which now people all over the globe are now communicating. And with businesses competing to stand in front of the rest of the lot, one should be very careful while using the social media platforms to improve their business or Brand’s name. There are several hashtags like #like, #follow, #love, #instadaily, etc. that are commonly used. These are hashtags which improve the reach of your posts and promise them better engagements. Now comes the question, are there really hashtags to which your business would never want to be associated with? The answer is, there are. The #pick up your phone and #answer your phone are two such hashtags. If you want your business to flourish, then you do not want to get associated with this hashtag.hashtag

In the beginning, when these hashtags we’re used, people thought they just portrayed the dramas of dating between teenagers. But soon it was revealed that it was wrong. These hashtags we’re widely used by the people; who were one or the other brand’s or business’s to raise complaints regarding their dissatisfaction for the brand or business.

It definitely sounds a bit puzzling that people would go to such lengths. Well, this is the modern world where social media rules.In the first place, why would a business or brand not answer its customer’s calls? Is it now better that they answered their calls and sorted it out rather than creating and angry mob of customers online. If you do not know, a bad reputation is something which travels fast. And with the online social media so active, the word is going to travel like forest fire. It could even have to potential to destroy your brand or business completely.

When it comes to doing successful business, the reputation your business and your brand holds has a very high value. If its reputation suffers, it is a guarantee that the repair for the damage caused would not be an easy one. And coming back to form from such a situation is quite the impossible task. Every business or brand has the most significant aim of satisfying their customers and running successfully. But this is not an easy task to come by too. Great care should be taken to ensure that the customers are not upset and keep your business or brand away from the #answer your phone hashtag.