Free Passes: A way to read more Chapters and Stories in Episode game

Episode: Choose Your story is a very popular mobile game, people can play this game by downloading the app. It was recorded to had 10 million downloads around the world from the Google play store only. A player can spend a lot of time playing this kind of free game online, with its feature of funky cartoon visuals and has extraordinary storylines.

There are several ways to enjoy the game this includes the episodes Free passes. This only means that a player can have access automatically in the game, without a cut. Also, it is the easiest way to get the best story.

free gems on episode

How to get Free Passes

  1. In order to have free passes to use, there are a lot of referral codes a player can use. These were codes from a friend or share on social media. Anyone who likes to play the game needs to find at least two referral code to enable free passes throughout the game.
  2. Wait four hours for three free passes to recharge. It is one of the most direct ways of getting more passes. It only takes four hours, and its really important to use all the passes to recharge. Next time to open the app, a player can get the full benefit.
  3. An individual can choose to play the game with a new story or a story with new chapters. It is another way to get free passes and to get started. Playing a new story can help a player to get more score that can be converted into passes.
  4. Following special links from Episodes partners. This is where players need to be careful, thus, it is risky. For the reason that not every link that claims to give items actually does. There are many links to get from the legitimate process, but an individual need to be censorious in choosing a link. To start using this step, just click the chosen link and get started to play in the episode with free passes.


Free passes enable a player to read a new story and start a new chapter in the game. It serves as the permit to enter the new one without waiting for so long. This will help players to have their own progress by giving the path of the story. Another is it keeps the thrill of the game and preserve its various great features.

Explore the latest collection of pixel gun 3d hacks and get remarkable benefits

Pixel Gun 3D is rich in entertaining elements and it gives you extraordinary gaming experience. This game has a graphics engine with the Minecraft style and satisfied players worldwide. The main objective of every player of this game is survival. Players of this game fire their modern gun at anyone who crosses their way and earn money by shooting zombies in the game environment. They use such money to purchase new skins and guns required for improving the overall performance of the character. They have to keep up-to-date with the pixel gun 3d hacks and make use of every chance to be successful in this game. They can choose and use every facility to excel in the game at any time they wish to enjoy the free time in this game environment.

Pixel Gun 3D game

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Modern features make the Pixel Gun 3D hack tool very popular and give different benefits to every user. You can focus on all such features one after another and make essential changes in your way to play the game. Once you have planned to use this hack tool, you have to access this hack tool on online at first. Now, enter your Pixel Gun 3D game player ID. You can find this ID when you access the profile section available at the screen’s bottom. The next step is to select the platform in which you play the game. If you have done it, then you can choose the total number of resources required to be generated by this hack tool.

Succeed in the Pixel Gun 3D game as expected 

Exceptional features increase the success rate of pixel gun 3d hacks throughout the world and make all smart players more contented than ever. You can feel free to use this hack tool soon after you have planned to generate resources. Do not forget that you can only generate up to 6000 coins and 3600 gems at once. This is because these maximum amounts of gems and coins only can be bought in the game.  Once you have given all details, you can click the Generate button and verify that you are human, but not a robot. The last step is to choose the app or service from the list to get completed before the generator generates resources. You will get an immediate access to such resources in your game account.

Ultimate Features of Fortnite Generator

Ever wonder how other player ranked first on the Fortnite game leader board? It is only done with the help of Vbucks which is the game currency of Fortnite game. The Fortnite game is an online multiplayer game which is played all over the globe by millions of people. But for level up and upgrades, the players need the Vbucks which is used for purchasing the weapons which help the players in battle.  If you don’t earn enough Vbucks, then visit this platform where you can use the generator which is helpful in adding the Vbucks in the game account. The process of a generator is very simple, and anyone can easily use this generator by adding the game username in this generator.

There are many other ways that are available in this game for adding the more Vbucks in the account without even playing the game. The first way is by daily log-ins in the game, if player log-in in the game account every day and do nothing, then the player get the reward of hundreds of Vbucks without even playing any match with other online players. The game automatically adds the Vbucks in your account, and everyday notifies the player about collecting the daily log-in rewards.  The other ways are to participate in the daily quests which include the daily destroy, Husk Examination, Mission Specialist and daily scouting, etc. Taking part in the daily quests also help in earning the Vbucks for the game.

Vbucks for free

At you will get the chance to add the free v bucks while using the generator. This platform is most trusted for adding the Vbucks without spending the real money on the Vbucks. The Fortnite game is the ultimate game where you can play two different types of game modes which are Fortnite save the world and Fortnite Battle Royale.

Features of generator:

  • No limit on Vbucks: If the player uses the Fortnite generator, then players can add the unlimited Vbucks in their account without spending the real cash for Vbucks. There are many websites which provide the Vbucks for free.
  • Accessible: This generator can access with any electronic devices which include the Android, MAC, Windows, and iOS. In these days many people are using this generator for earning the Vbucks for free. For using this generator, players don’t need any kind of software for generating Vbucks.

Play dragon city without any obstruction


Have you heard about the hack tools for the dragon city? There are available to help the gamers or the players of the extraordinaryandmind-blowing game called the dragon city. The hack tools will be helping you to get the free gold and the gems which are required to play the game and create a gorgeous dragon city on the island. The best part or these hacks are hats they don’t have any regional difference and they are available worldwide. With the help of the hack tools, all the resources in the game will be getting the access and no need to full any surveys or do any tasks to use these tools for your game. Get engaged in the game and enjoy the game with the hacks which are developed by the developers.

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Check before you use the hack

There are many numbers of the hacks and almost the hundred in number which is there on the internet. Just with the click of the dragon city hack in the search engine will make you find many numbers of websites which have the tools for hacks. So, it is always recommended to go for the proper website where they provide the hacks which actually are going to work because there are many fraudsters over the internet world. They may attract you with many offers such as the dragon foods for free, free and unlimited gold coins and many more just to get you attracted to the suite but don’t believe all.

So even to find the right ones also may take a lot of time and you may lose interest at some point in time. So always follow some instructions or the tips in order to find the right website. So, you can have a look at the following link for best tips to get the hack tools. The sites which are the best ones must and should not force you to download something which is not related, and which is unnecessary and also the hacks or the cheats should be easy even for the beginners or the newcomers to understand them easily. The website should be the one which should also provide the user information and secure your profile and the main thing is that the encryption system of the code should be in the quality that is high.


No personal information should be gathered by the website and if it is asking so, better to avoid it. Make sure there is access tothe website in all the devices you are using for playing the game as the hack should be easily available and should be quick. It is in the phone device and you are running for the other device for the hack, then it is an utter waste of time. With the help of this hack and cheats, you will get a good feed for feeding your dragons and provide them the necessary strength. They are very easy to play the game and it will give most entertainment in winning the missions. Gems and gold can be there at your fingertips and they are unlimited too. If the tools are genuine then it will be free from the virus also and they can be used in either your android devices or the devices such as the iPhone and the iPad at this site

A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Roblox

Following Fortnite, there is one online gaming platform that allows the user to play and create his/her own game – Roblox. If you are worried, you have to know that Roblox abides by the regulation of COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). COPPA protects the children by regulating the information that children disclose. On top of that, the chat sessions are moderated.

With this, the system will automatically filter chat messages that attempt to disclose personal information of children younger than 13 years old. The only thing left for you to do is to understand the game a little bit. Here’s a guide to understanding Roblox:

free robux hackOverview of Roblox
You often hear about Roblox. You just know that it is a game but you do not attempt to know more. There is no better time to know more about it than now. Roblox is an “entertainment platform”. It allows the users to create, image and play together. As of September 2018, Roblox has over 70 million active users – monthly. The games are constructed of Lego-like virtual blocks.

Understanding the Roblox Studio
The Roblox Studio is where the games are created. The games are coded through the Object Oriented Programming, which use Lua (a programming language) to direct the environment of the game. With this, the users can create game passes.

Knowing the Robux
Creating an account is free but if you want upgrades, it is advantageous to spend money. The virtual currency here is called robux. You can accumulate robux by paying real money or through gameplay. There is also free robux or free robux no survey. Although it is considered an international virtual currency, it does not follow the same exchange rate with US dollars. To date, 400 robux is $4.95.

Grasp how it works
When signing up, the users will be asked to choose a username and password. Just like in social networking sites, signing up will create an account on the platform. On the created profile, you can view the games and post a feed. You can even check who followed you.

You have access to chat feature, which is located at the top left corner of the page. You can send a private message to other players by simply clicking on their name in the chatbox. If you want to play a game, you can see a list of all games and other players at the top corner of the screen.

Users are actually attracted because of the free robux or free robux no survey. Keep in mind that robux can be exchanged for real-world currency.

Understand The Background Of Robux Currency Now

Introduction for robux and roblux:

Roblox website is ushering in the upcoming generation of entertainment and permitting children of all ages to imagine, create, and play together in immersive, user-generated 3d worlds. The player who played this game tell that it is an imagination platform and invite everyone to play on it.

Other than that it is very easy to download and play in roblux because roblox is freely available on all modern smartphones, tablets, computers, Xbox one, oculus rift, and htc vive which allows all kind of people to involve in this game.

Creators of roblux:

Roblox is get power by a global community of over four million developers and creators who generate their own immersive 3d multiplayer experiences using roblox studio. The developer of roblux develop an intuitive desktop design tool.

using roblox studio

If you have any experience with an imaginable level it can be created on roblox by its tools. The players can build the ultimate theme park and compete it as a professional race car driver or star in a fashion show, become a superhero, or simply design a dream home and hang out with score ranks roblox as one of the top online entertainment platforms for audiences under the age of 18 based on average monthly visits and time spent.

In this roblux platform, over 26 million newcomers sign up on roblox every month purely through viral word of mouth. There are hundreds of elite creators make substantial revenues from their creations top creators make well over a quarter of a million dollars a year.

Robux currency:

Robux are the primary currency for roblox. There are a few different ways robux can be earned or purchased from the internet. You can able to buy any games you want from the roblux by spending robux currency.

For example in present roblux introduce avatar game in its platform and you can get robux to purchase upgrades for your avatar or to buy special abilities in games.

How to buy robux?

Roblox launches the ability to purchase robux via their website in the year of 2008. The ability to buy robux via the roblox mobile app was launched on 2012. Robux can also be buy via the a roblox card, which can be buy at many stores in the usa, canada, uk, australia and new zealand, such as gamestop, walmart, fye, and more.

Grand theft auto 5 game download

Nowadays, games become the important part of everyone’s life. Peoples want to play games for fun and entertainment purpose. Most of the peoples like to play thrilling and adventure games. The best choice for an adventure game is grand theft auto 5. Now we have the next generation version of this game.

While playing this game you can feel the exciting game of the world. The game has amazing facial animations, wonderful graphics, and good quality background music. You can enjoy the grand theft auto 5 game on both Android and iOS devices.

Grand theft auto 5 is an intelligent wide comic game and it has more technical improvement. The first person mode of this game is very impressive and feels natural. Most traffic is the one new thing of the game. A city Los Santos feels like peoples live in and they make a virtual playground for more entertainment. The map is designed with wide roads and that allows to find the traffic and it is more effective. The car handling in this game is much sharper than the heaviness and it is easy to pick up.

gta v apk download

Let’s we meet the boys. There are three protagonist characters in this game. Each character has their own identity. Michael is one of the protagonists and he is described by the Rockstar of the gta v apk download. He is a retired con man in his 40s and he is living in a mansion that surrounded by family. He lives a boring life with his wife and their two children’s.

Franklin is a young man and he is from Los Santos. At the starting of the grand theft auto 5 game, he is working as a repo man. He lives with his own moral code. Trevor is a former partner of Michael and he is a red neck psychopath. The three characters make a great variety in the storyline.

Tips and tricks of playing fornite games:

Now a day’s playing online games are widely available everywhere. You can play these games at any moment of time intervals. It acts as a fun and entertainment based for many children. Coming to the point, fortnite v bucks hack is an online game where you can play this game without using or spending out your money over here.

Let’s focus on some of the tips and tricks required while playing these fornite hack games:


  • Consider a website namely where you find live streaming video games. There you may notice people are very brighter while playing any video games at basically approach easily. Initially watch those people and their way of playing games for hours. You may also find out the typical strategies implementing by the players for an affordable wins. You have an option of asking out yours doubts in the live stream chats. So, you can get clarity on the spot itself.
  • The more you practice in trial games; you can play well in the live streaming games. For any kind of online games, playing more number of times is important. In this way, you can develop awareness about this game, player’s mindset and their motives easily.You can even learn more a part of basics of a game.
  • Technically you may also tend to noti
  • ce while going for guns and then killing. So notify accordingly how many kills you have done. Ensure that, where the circle is and also know about the other people or players are resided in a game.
  • In this game; you may find items like traps, bushes and weapons which are out aim people in some conditions but it is meant to be unused in case of other people. Usage of these items at an appropriate moment can misplace players those are very skilled people and stronger than you in a game. Out thinking of others makes an effective step when you point them with your gun and running towards them.
  • You should develop skills while playing this game about how to win and before that how to aim at others. This game is ultimately considered as a shooter game where you are necessary to outshoot others or players in a game for winning achievement. So you are necessary to practice aiming as it even takes much time.


From the above discussion, if you are desire to win a game, you should be aware of this game importantly. Especially it includes basics, how to play, how to aim at others being a shooter. Playing more number of times and practicing it only let you become a winner of this game.

Top Reasons Why People Play PUBG

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a very popular online battle royale concept game that has taken the world by storm. It’s a massive game that has all the things that you wanted in a shooting game. Good graphics, well-built characters, tons of customizations from clothes, guns and other accessories that will make you look good and maximize your gaming experience. Given also that its rules are fairly easy (basically you have to survive better than anybody half an hour) and since its free, almost anyone can play it in either pc or mobile.

It’s easy to get hooked with PUBG because this is what everybody is playing nowadays. It’s easy to be hooked while being in the crowd and while the game is still very popular at the moment, but for the gamers that saw beyond the hype, its a game that defines a generation. For them aside from the crowd and the hype, there are certain things that make this game stand out, its the gaming experience, the customizations and the fun of playing it with their friends.

The experience: If you played PUBG then you know that its an experience. The graphics are amazing that you can always say “wow, wow and wow!” Every time and even if you played with it for a few months, the graphics still won’t grow on you. The concept that you and other players are trapped on a deserted island full of guns and you need to kill each other to prove who is the best is something. It makes you think, it makes you flustered, it makes you anxious, excited and so on. Overall, it’s a great experience and if you’re not playing this game, boy you’re definitely missing out on some really great stuff.

The customizations: Aside from well-designed characters, the customizations are endless. Its only on a few occasions that you will come across a player that has the same look as you. You will notice these customizations from the start of the game as you try to customize your character’s look, tone, and so on. When you’re in the game you got a ton of customizations to choose from and every update provides different features like skins, vehicles, guns and so on that will make your character shine, unique and have an identity.

Play with friends: Playing PUBG is not just about appreciating the game and how it’s well made or the many customizations but also being able to play with friends thru a squad. Think about it, your solid squad versus other squads that are out there. With so many enemies, you can finally strategize how you can win as a team and that is a ton of fun. The best part is that the game has a time limit so it will always be a short game and once its done, you move on to the next after. Its a great way for long distance friends to meet and do something together.

Playing PUBG has many perks like a unique experience, a ton of customizations, and able to play with friends that are even far away. But do you know what will make it more fun? Hacks! Think about it, if you want to amp your game, get more in-game currencies, have more customizations and have this “super user” experience that will give you more chances in becoming a war fighting machine, cheats are the way to go and if you want to get PUBG cheats from credible sources, visit

The time zone is formed due to the dangerous storms

The famous musicians like musicians like Drake have supported the games and logged into fortnite. Epic Games is the developer and the publisher of fortnite hack has explained that the gameplay is a fusion of the fine Mine craft and the Left 4 Dead. It is a hybrid game meaning that it is a combination of different types of games. The backdrop of the fortnite gameplay is that it consists of an apocalyptic contemporary time zone which formed due to the dangerous storm, which wiped out 98% of the Earth’s population. It is essential for the players to make sure that he or she is undetected without being noticed by the other player to shoot. You can be an invisible and indestructible player by hiding from your opponents using these two fortnite hacks makes.

Natural sources:

 Shelters are built by the survivors throughout the place which helps them stay protected from husks attacks and stormy clouds. They now work together to protect themselves by creating bases and killing the husks. The zombies are fended off by the survivors at night, and during the day they mine building materials from their natural sources.

The game allows up to 100 players to either form a four-person coalition or use a single player option. A parachute and a pickaxe are used as the weapons by the players initially to protect themselves. The auto parachute system does not work above sea masses, and therefore you will fall freely for as long as you want.

High-level players:

After playing for some time, one can level up by completing the missions in to get more skills and rewards.  The limited time events are the main advantage provided to the high-level players. The survive of the Storm has more significant challenges and rewards. The game allows up to four players who form a team to protect the survivors and building defensive structures to fight the storm in the game world. Creating firearms like grenades, and rifles to take on the husks, rocket launchers, big traps are involved in the chase which is the main hindrance to achieving high targets.

Great opportunities:

As a player, it is your role to locate the best weapons for your mission quickly. The guns are graded based on a colour scale depending on the player’s level in the game. The fortnite hacks game is sometimes filled with problems that open up some great opportunities for players to exploit the use of hacks. You may have realized some random player has killed you when you are playing in the fortnite and you were in a safe location that would be a player using the fortnite cheats or hacks.