How To Post Free Classified Ads Online? Explained in Detail

Post Free Classified Ads Online

Not all online free classified ad websites are made equal. You need to focus on some good classified ad websites online and post your ads regularly only on these websites. First page having 10 to 15 results from the “Google” search for online free classified ads will indicate that they are the highly popular websites in the online classified free ad websites. Choose only those websites that are asking very little private information before allowing you to post free ads. Best websites for posting your online classified ads are one’s that are not asking for any registration.

Highlight the Benefits

Limit your size of the ads to eighty words. Emphasize the advantages of your products or services to your viewers of the online classified ads. Use action words that request your reader to do something, with the keyword filled title & concise text to get the attention when you are posting free classified ads online. Suppose the website is promoting many similar products like yours, write your ad title & copy in as way it is unique than other classified ads in the same category. Give detailed description of your personal items like used cars, cameras sold by you by your classified ads. The promotion of items to make a profit must not at all be highlighted in the free classified ad. But, redirect your views to such details through the link.

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Choose One Ad Category

Stick on to the relevant category of your product and service that you’re promoting rather than spamming it across in different categories. Suppose multiple ad posting is done, then use copies with a bit modified titles & contents appropriate to the state or region where free ad is appearing. When you’re adding the banner or picture in your online classified ad, make sure the size and dimension of the image files are compliant to the suitable limits that are offered by that site. Or, the images may not at all get displayed rightly. Suppose product pictures are being displayed in the free classified ads online, use good digital camera for taking photo and convert this to “JPEG” for reducing its size before you upload them.