Month: January 2019

5 Reasons Why You Need a Pocket Radio

Radios— traditional, old school, classic but never a history. It still remains an indispensable part of everyone’s life, even up to this very day.

With all of the digital advances coming, and the internet giving almost everyone enough reason to stop using radios— but still, there are still 5 reasons why you shouldn’t outweigh the benefits of owning one. There are still 5 reasons why radios are still the genius thing besides internet and other high-end technologies.

Radios are smart. In fact, there is a lot of explanation as to why radios can still work without signals. Which no one can explain thoroughly— unless if you’re the founder and maker itself.

With that said, today’s blog post will talk about a few reasons why you need to own a pocket radio. Check out the latest radio reviews here!

Get to Know a Pocket Radio

Pocket radios are also called transistor radios that work on a transistor-based circuitry. Oftentimes, people love to own because it is so handy that you can bring it to whatever you like, it could be at work or at travel.

It is also one of the most popular communicated devices since the 1960s up to the 1970s— even up to today.

Some of the features of pocket radios are:

  • It has access to both AM and FM, shortwave and also to NOAA weather bands. It is definitely an all in one.
  • It has wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. But some old school pocket radios don’t have this.
  • Some updated pocket radios have high definition quality for personal audio playing, portable CD playing, and smartphones

5 Reasons Why You Need One 

If you are to simplify all the reason into one, that must be— convenience. Here’s more reason as to why you need pocket radios from the latest radio reviews here!

Best Radios

1 Stay tuned with world cup games

People love tuning in to the world cup. Owning a pocket radio lets you easily tune into the world cup to get the latest from your favorite teams. Plus since it is so handy, you can get to listen to it everywhere you might be.

2 Listen to radio channels everywhere

Yes, radio channels and music are still a thing today. Aside from emergency purposes, it can also deliver a good quality sound with the built-in speaker it can also be controlled with effortless LED tuning indicator.

3 Good connectivity

Pocket radios also have good connectivity to allow you to check livre commentary or any other program anytime and anywhere you go.

4 it is a multitasker

Pocket radios, although not all, have more facitilities and options rather than a simple choice of AM or FM and SW reception. More advanced ones have options like MP3 and media players.

5 Alert or alarm options

It can also be an alarm system to alert you with your favorite channels and more. It acts as an alarm clock to wake you with a buzzer sound to hear your favorite programs at their specific time.

That’s it for today! For more information on pocket radios, check out the latest radio reviews here

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