Month: September 2017


A perfect map for an adventurous trip is the most important equipment to be handy. They are the most authoritative maps for international destinations too. The perfect combination of detailed, perspective and signifying the hottest spots of an area, country or abroad is carried by an adventure map.

The most interesting feature of a scratch map is that it allows you to scratch the areas that you have already visited or the places that you have not and can plan it easy for the next trip. Different types of scratch maps are described in brief;

  • Scratch Off World Maps:

This is an amazing concept introduced in the map that allows to scratch off the visited destinations, revealing the updated world map underneath. It can be the perfect gift for a travel lover that allows complete, personalized display of the map. This can be done by using a simple coin and scratching off the places visited or need to visit making it unique and personnel.

This map shows detailed features including countries and even cities on the top layer and the world map underneath.


  • Scratch Map- Deluxe Edition:

Travelling in style is what considered as the posh trip. Some amount of luxury with this deluxe edition of a scratch map is what’s required to make the travel more amazing. It has all the high-end features of the original scratch map, but is larger in size. It has many added islands with more detail in style.  In short, it is the up to date version presented in style.

It has a black background with copper foil covering looking attractive and can slick on any wall. It offers every detail of the land, including ocean.

  • Scratch Off Discovery Map:

This adventure map is definitely going to exceed everyone’s expectations. This allows to explore new lands and scratching out of the areas with a coin, creating the unique personal map. In addition, you can even the activities with special stickers to make it more memorable.

It has many details regarding the places such as; capital and major cities, tourist spots, resorts, rivers, mountains and much , more. The updated version even includes regional divisions too. It has a high-quality lamination that ensures long-lasting of the map.

  • Scratch Off World Map with country flags:

This is one of the most demanding scratches off maps in the market today. This is due to its amazing features, beautiful vibrant colors, accurate cartographic details of the terrain with country flags and landmarks giving a classy look with laminate finish.

  • Scratch Off World Travel Tracker Map:

This World Travel Tracker scratch map has a gold top foil area, looking likely a scratch ticket with vibrant colors. It features all 210 flags of the world with terrain data and state outlines of different countries.

It is a perfect gifting idea as it has a nicely packed triangular box containing a poster tube wrapped in paper.

This is not the limit. There are other varieties of scratch maps too:

  • Luckies of London Scratch Map
  • Travel Tracker Map with National parks
  • Luckies of London Gourmet Scratch